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In its global supplier role for the automotive industry, HEPENIX delivers full production lines for assembling of automotive electronics and other parts. All stations and the lines are i4.0-ready and MES integrated.

To achieve the highest level of quality, in modern production lines measuring and testing steps are integrated parts of the assembly procedures. HEPENIX has a wide range of proven experience in in-situ testing and measuring, mostly applied in assembly fixtures or during robotic movements. Assembly lines include dedicated measuring or testing stations as standard for in-process and end-of-line-testing.


HEPENIX integrates complex robotic solutions in assembly and manipulation as well as welding and grinding tasks. Being an independent integrator in robotics, we flexibly equip our projects with the optimum selection of industrial robots according to our client's requirements. 

HEPENIX also elaborates special robotic solutions in R&D projects, such as DEKOROBOT  (DECOntamination and NDT ROBOTic Self-Moving Unit).




As a spinoff company from the Technical University of Budapest, HEPENIX has been established for R&D as its core activity and this focus has remained in the genetics of the firm ever since.

In the past 10 years, HEPENIX has been continuously performing R&D projects under both government, EU or self-funded terms.

Our costumers benefit from HEPENIX's strong R&D capabilities since the latest technological developments are implemented in our products.


HEPENIX covers a decisive range of engineering in the field of machine design. Our office is a creative and productive house of engineering in machine design, mechatronics, electrical engineering, software engineering, welding engineering, manufacturing. Activities are carried out using developments in current CAE software for CAD, CAM, CAED, FEM, motion, etc.

HEPENIX is a solution provider to cover the complete range of the tasks from a single hand. In case specialists are required in certain project areas, HEPENIX is able to involve all the necessary expertise based on decades of cooperation with academic research institutes and universities.


HEPENIX is a member of the Presidential Board of the Industry 4.0 National Technology Platform Association, as the representative of the SME members.

HEPENIX is an experienced developer of industry 4.0 solutions, all stations delivered to our customers are industry 4.0 ready.

In recent years, HEPENIX has been taking part in increasingly more R&D projects aiming to develop all essential elements of digitalised manufacturing, production and collaborative robotic solutions.

Photo © Bosch-Rexroth


Most of the machinery in our deliveries executes semi- or fully automated processes. When the level of automation is not specifically prescribed, based on decades of experience in automation, HEPENIX may provide expertise on setting the optimal automation level for the process.

As for the type or make of controllers and PLCs, HEPENIX always uses the ones required by the customer. Creation of hybrid, redundant, diverse and safety-centred complex systems for operation and control are also familiar developments.


Apart from proven automation or robotic solutions, the industry often needs special machinery, tools or tailor-made EOAT for robotic arms. For the nuclear industry, HEPENIX delivers custom decontamination robots, special tooling for handling high-level radioactive waste, shielded containers and special machinery for primary circuit maintenance activities.

HEPENIX is a certified global supplier for multinational nuclear companies and in this role, deliveries of special implementations of machinery designed by third party participants.  

HEPENIX  operates a sophisticated and proved project and quality management system, which enables its manufacturing suppliers to meet the highest level of nuclear requirements.

Photo © MTI


For almost three decades HEPENIX has been a consultant partner of Paks Nuclear Power Plant, providing engineering services in mechanical design, licensing and expertise in ASME, technical calculations, FEM and nuclear safety analysis.

In its projects, HEPENIX is also able to involve special expertise from nuclear research institutes to enable the delivery of complex solutions from one hand to the costumers..

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