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The dose exposure of human personnel
during maintenance in the nuclear power
plant is one of the key factors to be
minimized. Based on its decades of experience in decontamination technologies HEPENIX has started a research and development project funded by the European Regional and Development Fund. 


DEKOROBOT is a family of flexible, modularly built automated machinery which is suitable for the decontamination of complex surfaces without any direct human intervention on site. 


The long-term operation of existing nuclear power plants needs the estimate of the remaining useful lifetime of NPP components. LTO requires reliable tools. The objective of NOMAD is the development, demonstration and validation of a non-destructive evaluation tool for the local and volumetric characterisation of the embrittlement in operational reactor pressure vessels.

HEPENIX takes part as an industry partner in this international R&D cooperation lead by Fraunhofer IZFP Institute.

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Beyond the impressive technical capability to successfully solve a widest range of industrial and research tasks, HEPENIX's dedicated focus on project and quality control has gained recognition from international partners. We are proud to take part in international cooperation works and we thank the national and international support received in these efforts.


Within the frameworks of Bosch-Rexroth supplier development program HEPENIX took part in a research and development project to enhance the company's industry 4.0 capabilities.

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Photo © Bosch-Rexroth


In a mutually motivating EUREKA partnership, companies SITEC, Innok Robotics and ICM from Germany, together with HEPENIX from Hungary, work on the development of a Human-Robot Collaboration (HRC) Configurator that aims to facilitate the dynamic discovery of cobotization possibilities of the widest range of applications, from manual assembly stations through machine tending to ad-hoc collaboration scenarios with a preliminary assessment of remaining risks included.

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Within the frameworks of VEKOP-1.2.6-20 program, funded by the Hungarian Government and the European Union, HEPENIX has successfully enhanced and extended their internal production capabilities. Based on the developments, the ratio of internally produced custom made parts and components - which are implemented in the company's taylor made automation solutions - significantly increases.


It is response to customer demands, as well as a move to further increase the resiliency of HEPENIX operations. 


Details of the project:

  • Funded amount:  57.000.000 HUF

  • Project id: VEKOP-1.2.6-2020-00446

  • Project close: 31-12-2020.


PREdictor for HUman-RObot COllaboration

PREHUROCO creates a shared virtual reality workspace over the Internet/Intranet for effective 0-distance, direct human-cobot collaboration.
The human operator is digitally immersed into the real-time digital twin of the manufacturing cell by XR visualization, haptic and other feedbacks. 
This innovative use of interactive technologies assisting the human operator in avoiding collisions in various assembly tasks is a novel approach in cobot-based production.

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