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HEPENIX is your experienced supplier in the automotive, consumer and nuclear industries. 

The services of HEPENIX include the full range of the development, production, installation and maintenance of tailor-made automated specialty equipment and industrial machinery.

Building on our matter-of-fact experience and expertise, incorporating the latest developments in management techniques we deploy full-scale solutions of the highest standards.


Márk, Petrik

managing director


Peter, Hegyháti
managing director

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József, Tóth

director of business development


László, Ilyés

director of operations


Géza, Mészáros

head of engineering




HEPENIX provides a full range of engineering services in automation and custom made machinery. Our services include mechanical, electrical and software engineering, FEM analysis, engineering calculations, product development and R+D, robotics and industry 4.0 solutions. 


HEPENIX is continuously involved in research and developments projects in strong cooperation with academic research institutes and universities. Know-hows and developments are integrated into products and services therefore our clients benefit from these most current and unique technologies.

Current highlights:


You have always been interested in robotics, or would like to  to  to use the latest technologies in your everyday work?

Come and join our team!

You have a degree on have ongoing studies in mechanical engineering?

Or you are already an experienced engineer looking for new challenges in the automotive and nuclear industries?

Come and build your career with HEPENIX! 

Electrical Design Engineer jobs available both for rookie and experienced engineers.

Now hiring! For more details click on careers.






Petőfi S. u. 39, H-2049 Diósd, Hungary

+36 23 382-853